In the grand scheme of professional sports, Kentucky’s relationship with ice hockey appears to be in its infancy. Historically, Kentucky’s first foray into professional hockey dates back to 1948, when the Louisville Blades competed in the International Hockey League (IHL). This alliance lasted until 1950. Since then, Kentucky’s hockey landscape has remained in a constant state of fluctuation. However, despite these early ventures, the state currently lacks a National Hockey League (NHL) team. This sparks a pertinent question: is Kentucky likely to get an NHL team?

A Glance at Kentucky’s Hockey Landscape

To begin, it’s important to appreciate Kentucky’s current hockey landscape. The University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky house the state’s top hockey teams. They participate in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) as D2 college hockey teams, showcasing the state’s local talent. However, Kentucky presently has no junior ice hockey teams.

Interestingly, while Kentucky lacks an NHL team, the state’s ice hockey aficionados align their loyalties with the Nashville Predators, followed by the Columbus Blue Jackets and the St. Louis Blues. It appears there’s a demand for professional hockey, at least on the fan side.

Historical Perspective and Present Status

Diving deeper, the state has had its fair share of professional teams across various leagues such as the AHL, IHL, and ECHL. The American Hockey League (AHL) hosted the Kentucky Thoroughblades in Lexington (1996-2001) and the Louisville Panthers in Louisville (1999-2001). The East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) saw the Lexington Men O’War in Lexington (2002-2003), the Louisville Icehawks in Louisville (1990-1994), and the Louisville RiverFrogs in Louisville (1995-1998).

Unfortunately, these professional teams have since disbanded. Presently, Kentucky does not have any teams participating in the professional leagues, which include the NHL.

High School Hockey in Kentucky

Beyond the collegiate and professional levels, Kentucky also hosts high school hockey through the Kentucky High School Hockey League (KHSHL). This league includes seven teams from various regions of the state, marking the interest in hockey at younger ages.

Popularity and Potential

When compared to other sports such as baseball and soccer, hockey isn’t the most popular sport in Kentucky. However, its popularity has been growing steadily in recent years. Despite this growth, none of Kentucky’s cities have found their place among the top 72 hockey cities in the U.S., according to a study by WalletHub. Yet, Kentucky’s population of 4.5 million and proximity to nearby NHL markets indicate a promising potential for the growth of hockey.

The Prospect of an NHL Team

Now that we’ve explored the past and present status of hockey in Kentucky, we can speculate on its future. Although it’s difficult to say with certainty, the possibility of Kentucky securing an NHL team seems uncertain at present. Despite the growing popularity of hockey in the state, a multitude of factors, such as demand, financial viability, stadium infrastructure, and market competition, play a critical role in the final decision.

Adding to this, securing a professional team involves an arduous process, which includes negotiations, major investments, and, ultimately, approval from the NHL Board of Governors. This process is complex and time-consuming, and, in the case of Kentucky, it is yet to commence.

It is also essential to consider the betting scene in Kentucky. BetMGM Kentucky, a popular sports betting platform, might see increased engagement with the potential establishment of an NHL team. The addition of a local team often stimulates interest in sports betting, offering fans another way to engage with their favorite sport.


In summary, while the arrival of an NHL team in Kentucky is not on the immediate horizon, the steady growth of the sport in the state paints a promising picture for the future. As interest continues to develop, it could lead to increased investments and potentially the establishment of a professional team. For now, Kentuckians eagerly watch, wait, and continue to support their favorite teams from neighboring states, nurturing their love for the game. And who knows? Maybe one day, the question will not be if Kentucky is likely to get an NHL team, but when it will get one.