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Cryptocurrencies have been good stores of value over time; however, the concept of value doesn’t just apply to cryptocurrencies. Also, it can be more safe if you use a QR code for your account remote control. 

1. A token will be a currency

Today, fiat is the only major currency that people deal with. Although tokens can be used as currencies, they do not have to fulfill all of the requirements of a currency bitcoin. A non-currency token can be a great asset in an advanced economy in which one or more currencies are available. In such economies, tokens would fill specialized niches and their role as currencies would depend on market demand. Different economies might even utilize different technologies in their issuance and management of tokens.

2. A token will be a value store

Tokens will be valued because of their ability to function as currencies, and as such they will be assets. This doesn’t mean that tokens are necessarily a store of value in themselves, but rather that they can be part of many different types of managed and unmanaged portfolios.

3. A token’s value is its network effect

The network effect is the phenomenon whereby a good or service gains additional utility when more people use it. For example, the more people who speak English in any given country, the more useful English is to any one individual; this leads to increased demand for English as well as increased value for those who know it when fewer people know it (e.g. the more people who drink Coca-Cola, the more valuable it is to each drinks one).

4. A token will solve a problem

Today’s economy is built on the basis of “the system is working”. This statement has been true for hundreds of years and probably will continue to be true in the future. However, there are many problems that have not been solved and will likely never be solved until a solution is found or at least prioritized. When those problems are solved, or at least given enough attention, it would trigger an increase in demand for a token that solves those problems.

5. A token will be backed by a competitive business

The popularity of any currency is the result of it being the first to solve a problem and the most competitive in terms of pricing. The success of a token will be directly proportional to the success of its business. This means that tokens that have strong business ideas behind them will be more valuable than those with weak business ideas behind them, as long as they are equally qualified to be currencies.

6. A token is not an equity interest in a company

Tokens are not equity, and holders should never expect them to appreciate according to traditional equity models (e.g., price = company’s value / number of shares out). Tokens may appreciate much faster than equity, or more likely, they will not appreciate at all. Even if a token does appreciate, it’s important for investors to understand that appreciation of the token does not mean an automatic increase in the value of the underlying business.

7. A token will be less volatile than a cryptocurrency

Although cryptocurrencies have been very volatile, this doesn’t have to be the case for tokens. One of the main reasons for this is due to less daily trading volume. However, it is important to understand that even though they may be less volatile than cryptocurrency in general they still might be extremely volatile at times as well (e.g., any asset that has high volatility).

8. A token is a business and a currency

A token is not just a digital asset. It’s a business that uses blockchain technology. As such, the value of the token is based on the price of the business (not just its technology). In addition, the success of any other industry around the world can affect the value of that particular token. For example, if there are many industries and businesses utilizing cryptocurrencies they should be able to appreciate in value more than those that are less utilized across multiple industries and businesses.

9. A token is a store of value

Cryptocurrencies have been good stores of value over time; however, the concept of value doesn’t just apply to cryptocurrencies. It also applies to tokens as well. This could be best explained by the following example: If you purchased one hundred dollars worth of bitcoin, and the price of bitcoin went up by two times, your hundred dollars are worth two hundred dollars. However, if you purchased one hundred dollars worth of tokens and the price increased from two dollars to four dollars (a 100% increase), then your one hundred dollar investment is now worth two hundred dollars.