This is a project I created for myself when I was trying to get used to using a new dry erase marker. The result is a simple wooden frame that is a perfect size to hold a wet or dry paper towel. You can use it to hold anything, including a couple of napkins, a tea-towel, or a bowl of water.

I have also created another project that can be used to hold things like a pair of scissors or a pen. Just be sure to choose a frame that is sturdy enough to hold your objects, and make sure it is made of solid wood.

A paper towel holder is a great addition to any home office. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I think it’s nice to have a few pieces of paper towel in your office. They are just nice to have around, and I imagine that they will get used a lot.

Paper towel holders are a great way to use up your paper towels or to have a bit of a paper towel-friendly office.

I like paper towel holders because they are just a lot of fun. They remind me of my work space. I love having the paper towel holders in my office. I love having them hanging around the house. I love having them on my desk. I love having them on my car. I love having them on my computer. I love having them in the garage. I love having them in the pool. Paper towel holders are fun.

Paper towel holders are fun, right? But they aren’t nearly as fun as the person who designed them. Paper towel holders are just that, paper towel holders. The design isn’t really that memorable, at least not for me. But the fact that it was designed by a person who has been designing for paper towel holders for years is pretty cool.

I have a paper towel holder for every day. They have a cute little hanger that comes down over each book on the shelf. It’s a lovely little hanger design. Just like a hat. I would love to have them on my desk, so I don’t think you have to go find them if you’re not interested in that.

I have a paper towel holder for every day, except there’s a day that I dont have any paper towels (which isn’t that often). But if I had to pick just one paper towel holder design for each of the past couple of weeks, it would have to be this one. What I love about that design is that it’s so simple. You can take this on any day you want and it will always be there.

I use this for my office and I will also do it for my blog. So I cant really give you an excuse to go find them if youre not interested in that.

This paper towel holder is so versatile. I can use it for the office, the gym, my home, and my office (for whatever reason) and it will still work every single time. I have a different one for my home, and one for my gym. But the best part is, it still works even if Ive been using it for weeks. I think it’s because it’s so tiny and easy to grab and carry around.