I’ve been wearing a notre dame jersey for a long time. When it’s time for me to hit the ice for the first time I’ll always know that I’m wearing one. The colors that are on the jersey are my favorite, but I’m not ashamed of them either.

What isnt the case, are the colors on the jersey. Theyre the most visible thing on the jersey and Im very proud of that.

This is an allusion to the fact that a team wearing a hockey jersey is supposed to represent the entire team. Theyre not a team, but a collection of colors. That being said, the jersey itself is extremely versatile. You can swap out the colors easily and still be able to wear them on any team with a little creativity.

I’m not sure what the jersey is meant to represent. This is a common misconception and I’m not sure how many people have heard about the idea of a team wearing a hockey jersey. The team itself is a collection of colors so they arent really a new idea.

The jerseys for teams are actually a bit cooler than just a collection of colors. As a team, a team jersey is a collection of colors that you wear on the same uniform. You can then wear them on any team. It is an amazing piece of design and I would highly recommend you check out the official design if you are interested.

Also, there was an idea for a new Adidas jersey that was considered, but never came to fruition. I cant help but feeling that if you are going to be wearing a jersey, you might as well get it all covered up with some sort of a mesh material.