Our smartwatch isn’t going to be the most rugged smartwatch on the market, but it is the most rugged smartwatch I’ve ever owned. The Samsung Gear S smartwatch is basically a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Galaxy Gear in it. The Gear S is one of the most comfortable and customizable smartwatches I’ve ever worn and it’s also one of the lightest.

I have a Samsung Gear S because I don’t like the Samsung Gear (which I think is also called the Galaxy Gear). I’ve also owned a smartwatch with other brands before, namely the Moto 360, but the Moto 360 wasn’t as comfortable/durable/affordable as this. In my opinion the Samsung Gear S is more comfortable and durable, as it is also one of the lightest smartwatches I’ve worn.

Gear S is not a smartwatch. It is a fitness band, and while the Gear S is a great watch for just about any activity, it is not a smartwatch.

I think the Gear S is an excellent smartwatch.

I am not even sure what the difference is between smartwatches and fitness bands and if I can be more specific, but smartwatches are devices that monitor your activity and then send that information to a central server via wireless connection (or Bluetooth if the device supports it). Fitness bands are devices that monitor your heart rate and then send that information to a central server via wireless connection (or Bluetooth if the device supports it).

The Gear S is a true smartwatch with a heart rate sensor. It also has a built-in GPS, a compass, and a gyroscope. It works with both Android and iOS, as well as Android Wear. It also connects to the Gear Fit via a USB cable which you can use to track your steps and your distance. You can use the built-in camera feature to take pictures and then post them to Facebook.

There are a lot of features on the Gear S that I like but the one that really excites me is the way the Gear S connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Your call and message logs are automatically stored on the Gear S and synced with your phone. You can also easily change your phone number on the Gear S by going to your settings and then choosing your phone.

The Gear S is a rugged, lightweight device that is designed for outdoor use and comes with a battery pack that can be charged via USB or a standard 3.5mm port. There’s also a built-in flashlight and a dedicated micro-USB port. All of the features I mention are available on Android Wear devices, such as the Samsung Gear S2, Google Glass, and even the Apple Watch.