When our friends and family ask what we do for a living, we usually reply “I am a writer and you can find out more interesting stuff on my website at It’s important to note, though, that this website is also very much a place to sell gear (like this shirt) and gear reviews are a HUGE part of the website experience.

It is also a nice little nod to our work in progress. This shirt is the perfect example of stuff that looks terrible on a shirt, but somehow looks great on a person. The colors are awesome and the design is great. The only thing that doesn’t really work is the pattern. The shirt is a single-color shirt, so it stands out a lot on a black shirt. But the shirt’s design and the pattern is so great that it actually makes the shirt look worse.

To me it looks like a shirt that has been made by an amateur. I mean, there are a million things wrong with this shirt. The sleeves are too big. The sleeves are too small. The sleeve length is a little bit too short. The sleeve pattern is a little bit too similar. The shirt is super tight on the arms. The shoulder straps don’t look right on the shirt.

But to me the most obvious thing about the shirt is that it looks like a shirt that a total amateur would make. It’s a shirt that should have been made by an amateur. That’s all it is.

And we can’t be bothered to even mention that I like this shirt.

Its not just the shirt though. You know why? Because I like this shirt. I really do. I have no idea why. I just think its a really nice shirt, with some very nice colors. And even though I can’t explain why, I do like the shirt.

It is also pretty cool because it looks like a shirt that a total amateur would make. It looks like a shirt that a total amateur would make. It works to your advantage.

And the other thing I love about it is the way it has all your hair. I always feel like I was made for a film. I think it is a very good thing. And it looks so much better than a shirt.

Also, the shirt is made from a material that has been referred to as “god mom” by one of the designers. I guess it means god mom’s style of dress.

I think the designers used “god mom” to describe their style of wearing their own hair. One of them had a very long hair and it was “god mom” short. But it was all in one piece. I think that is a great way to describe how their hair would have looked.