I can’t believe I don’t have more nude pictures of myself anymore. In my defense, I’ve been wearing the same outfit for almost two years, so I’ve been a nude person for longer than most people care to remember. I’m just really happy to have these new ones, and I like to think that they will help me remember to get naked more often.

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This is a video that we think is well done. We like that the guy puts a lot of effort into looking human, and that he uses makeup and clothing to make himself look like a woman. But thats not what we are really doing here. This is a follow-up to the video where we show you how to do the same thing but in reverse. And we think that is also a good idea, because you might not like the results, but thats okay.

This is a great idea. The idea is to take a guy’s body and wrap it around a woman’s body. For purposes of illustration, I made the body of a woman but added a belt, a skirt, and a sweater. And I also included a couple of nipples. This makes for a pretty awesome video. The next step, of course, would be to put all of the parts of the woman’s body together and make it look like a man.