608 bearings are bearings that use a specific technology called “cobalt steel bearings”. These bearings have an inner carbon layer and an outer alloy layer that is a different color. In other words, they are hard alloys. They are usually used in applications where the bearings won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time, such as bearings for engines or aircraft.

608 bearings can be used in a variety of different ways such as to produce gears, to make bearings for vehicles, and they can even be used as a building material to make bearings for your own projects. All of these applications have a similar problem though: they all require that the hardness of the bearings be very low. This means that the bearings that are made with 608 bearings will not last as long as the bearings that have a high hardness.

The best way to make the bearings in 608 bearings last longer is to use hardened steel bearings. They are much stronger than 608 bearings and they last longer. Most bearings in the industry are made with 608 bearings. Unfortunately you can’t stop the wear on your bearings, so you may need to make some repairs on the bearings.

This isn’t really a problem if you only buy bearings from a shop like BH2, but for a DIY enthusiast like myself, making your own bearings is pretty much a requirement. I use an old bearing for my bearings, then use a soldering iron to solder a new bearing. This is a very cheap way of doing it, but it does require you to solder a new bearing every time you change the hardness of the bearings, which can be a pain.